It’s been a while…

Hello everyone – very sorry that it has been busy and long time without news. Hopefully that will change as we get closer to release date (this year). We have some news so read on…

Game changers!

After careful consideration it was decided to pull out comic book parts of the game and release it as standalone series. So, we found very talented artist “Fran Strukar” to draw our comic book. As of today “Joe Kowalski Chronicles #1: The golden boy” comic book is out and that will serve as prologue to “Chapter 1: Murder in a flat”, yes we are renaming prologue to fully featured Chapter 1 – will not be too long but well over 1h of approximate gameplay.

Joe Kowalski Chronicles comic book series will follow game closely and “Joe Kowalski Chronicles: #2 Murder in a flat” comic book will be released some months after Chapter 1 with same story so it doesn’t spoil game. After that there will be prologue to “Chapter 2: An old acquaintance” and so on until final 4th chapter has been released. As said before, all game chapters will feature one crime that will be solvable.

Comic Book hard copy and digital version

You can grab comic book in English, Croatian, Russian, Polish, Spanish and German language (for now). Price is really small donation – first 500 people can put even under $1 – so really as much as you want. You can find the link in footer below [get comic book] button. You will also be able to chose where does the donated money go towards.
Digital comic book will be released soon here on official website.

Donations and NFTs are now available

Since crowdfunding and Kickstarter campaign takes too much time to organize with our limited resources, donations page was opened where you can support game development. All donated money will go in improving game. At the moment we only accept Paypal and cryptocurrency donations. We do plan to get some rewards in future for people that donate.

NFTs are digital assets that will serve as premium donations. Each one has unique purpose – i.e. Joe Kowalski Comic book series will get you all comic books for free as long as you hold it in the wallet, and Joe Kowalski Chronicles Complete series will get you all future games and comic books.

Donate and more info on NFTs here:

Thank you all for interest in Joe Kowalski Chronicles.

Iron Noir Soft team

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