2014. –  Year it all began.

It was, a cold winter night, mid of December 2014. in a small dump in a small bar in middle of nowhere when bunch of buddies that loved playing point and click adventure games opened up few beers together.
After a few of those we decided it would be a good thing to do game. Since we all love detective mysteries and both old and neo noir movies it was only natural to create Joe Kowalski Chronicles – story about hardboiled detective set up around mid last century.
Everyone gave their inputs and stories and all of that was base for demo/prologue which will be out in chapters during future years.

Our CEO then ordered concept art for Joe Kowalski and later based on that “Joe’s 3d Model” which is now active model in “Murder in a flat”.
So even though model is quite obsolete now, we keep it for sentimental purposes. Since in 2014./2015. we all had full time jobs it was hard to make free time do make a game, specially with no previous game development experience but we kept doing it.

2015. – Year the path of Joe was defined

During next year it was picking between engines, deciding on key factors like 2D/3D and similar. After we decided on using Unity game engine and 3D it was time to study engine a bit. There was so much to learn for newbies like us and we did most of work on concepts and story.

2016. – Year Joe died

Next two years it was rough and our initial crew of buddies moved around the world, changing jobs and we didn’t have lot of free time.
Joe got even abandoned for a while – there was almost a full year without anything done on game.

2017. – 2018. – Years Joe was resurrected

Our CEO couldn’t let Joe disappear so easily after so much was done on the game, so he started again around mid 2017.
During that time new Unity’s were out regularly every so it was upgrade time for Joe.
He went from Unity 4 to Unity 5 and then later to Unity 2018 and we managed to get demo in sort of playable shape in late 2018. And of course we keep improving it.
We like what we are building and hope you guys like it as well.

2019. – Year of future chapters

This year was mostly improving “Joe Kowalski Chronicles: Murder in a flat” and discussing future chapters. At that point two new characters and a new scene was built – we called it “Joe 2020” – prototype scene (or actually two scenes) that will be featured in:

Joe Kowalski Chronicles
Chapter 1: An old acquaintance (subject to change)

2020. – Year Joe became famous

In 2020. it was decided to give first clues about the game and two trailers were made and put on Youtube in one month.
We started our Twitter, IndieDB, Itch page, released news on GameBoomers and on AdventureGamers where Joe appeared on front page of the site on 19th April 2020. 
We wanted to push ourselves in releasing Murder in a flat by end of 2020 but keep in mind we are small team and some delays in game release are possible. Just watch the news we will put them on time if something like that happens.

We’d love nothing more then to commit our time fully to making Joe Kowalski Chronicles and in future other games.

Our real dream is to make game studio with all the initial crew that was involved in Joe Kowalski Chronicles creation so we can gather together again on few beers and discuss our future chapters and games.

With your support and our effort we can try to make this happen…

Thank you all and keep safe.