We’d like to thank everyone that helped in any way to make our game better.
Big thanks for all of your support <3

Why are we doing these donations?

Since we have limited resources and really no time to work out crowdloan campaign like Kickstarter, we’re opening this page for you people that have some extra money and want to support the game. At the moment it’s only possible to donate via paypal on this link and with crypto. There’s also an option of getting comic book for a negligible donation (“GET COMIC BOOK” button in footer below).

These donations are not intended to be early pre-sale, we have minted 100x NFT’s for that purpose (more info below). In the future we may reward donators with some claimable merchandise – either physical or digital. Right now reward is in form of physical copy of 7 page comic book prologue called “The Golden Boy”.

Where will my donation go?

No money donated here will go into developers or anyone’s pockets, it’s not intended to be coffee or beer money – everything will be strictly for improvement of the game itself and future chapters. That means either artwork, animations, 3d modeling, sound, longer gameplay, and similar…After you donate you can send email to us saying what you’d like to improve, if you do that – we’ll most likely be updating page with all donations and where donations will be spent. Also all donations will get their names in the “Special thanks” part of game credits if they wish to do so.

Early donators may contact us on to claim free comic book “#1: The Golden Boy”.

What are these NFTs?

NFTs are non fungible tokens – to put it simply digital assets. Ours are in form of image or video that you can take ownership of by using Ethereum wallet like Metamask. After setting up wallet (very nice tutorial here), you can buy NFTs from Joe Kowalski Chronicles on Rarible or Opensea.

NTFs as premium donations and rewards

NFTs will serve as premium donations and owners of “Joe’s first NFT” will be able to claim each future “Joe Kowalski Chronicles” game chapters for free plus all the comic books regardless of future costs. For those that do not know, it’s total of 4 game chapters and 8 comic books that will be made as part of Joe Kowalski Chronicles series. You would need to hold NFT in your wallet at the time of the game/comic book release and/or claim request. Keep in mind if there are previous claims of the same chapter your NFT will be invalid for any chapter that was claimed before. It will however be valid for future chapters.

We’re also planning limited special claimable NFT’s for people that finish the game on Steam. You will be able to claim them by contacting our team with your Steam account which holds finished game (maybe we add NFT’s on all achievement). NFT’s will be issued on “first come first served” basis with limited supply. More info will be provided once we’re close to release date.

FYI “Chapter 1: Murder in a flat” will still be out free to play for everyone on Steam and possibly on (still not confirmed).

Power to the people!

Experiment in spirit of (semi)decentralized governance – we will offer any holder of NFT from “Joe Kowalski Chronicles” collection (@jkc)” ability to vote on certain parts of game development process. For example we get some funding and we need to decide what to improve? Or we plan to put in game scene that may not be appropriate for everyone. NFT holders may even have direct implication in game story, and people with special NFT’s may put on votes themselves. Your voice can and will be heard.

We have plans to mint more NFTs, both common/cheap and more rare/expensive ones that will end up on auctions. If you are afraid to miss on some of these just subscribe to newsletter or follow us on Twitter, Facebook don’t worry, there will be future giveaways and plan is to implement voting features in mid 2022 and by that time everyone should have opportunity to get at least one NFT. Our goal is for everyone to have a chance in voting for direction in which Joe Kowalski Chronicles development goes. Please subscribe for latest updates to our newsletter and keep yourself in the loop.

At the moment we minted 3×100 “Joe Kowalski Complete Series” NFTs. 100 of these are put on sale, 100 will be given to supporters and/or everyone that helped in development of game, artists, translators and similar. 50 will be allocated to first 50 subscribers of our newsletter. Other 50 will be reserved for future giveaways mostly on Twitter/Facebook.

Important: Fees on Ethereum network are really high – so we advise not to buy these until fees lower down (hopefully ETH 2.0 is out by end of year or early 2022.). You can also just send donation via some address with low fees (LTC, TRX, XRP, XLM…) and we’ll send you NFT at later date when fees lower down.



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